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DeBiase is Italian and pronounced: di-bi-ä’-zi. I am a writer, entrepreneur, yoga instructor and mom. I spent the first twenty-two years of my life in the lower Hudson Valley region of New York before I moved to Seattle for two years, then Alaska for six years, and the last ten years in Taos, New Mexico. I am obsessed with travel and have been to twenty-three countries so far.

I mostly write fiction – flash, short, novellas, and novels – that explores the transitional space between reality and the unknown. My writing is often surreal, focusing on our dream life and our personal myths, where we go to work through life’s mysteries. As a result, my topics tend to deal with death, nature, travel and psychosis.

I also love to write non-fiction, including snarky personal essays for xoJane, book listicles for Bustle, narrative essays for Foreword Reviews, craft essays for Writer’s Digest and artist interviews for Taos’ local entertainment guide, Tempo

When I am not writing, you might find me reading obscure novels, hiking in the southern Rockies, twisting myself into a yoga pose, exploring an exotic city, or dancing around the living room with my 8 year-old daughter. Two days a week, I work at my vintage clothing boutique, The Style Revival, or go on “treasure” hunts, searching for new inventory.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Creative Writing from Bard College in 1997 where I was fortunate to have John Ashbery as my Senior Advisor. I also earned my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Goddard College in 2004. 


Photos credit: Micheal Benenav

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