Article in Taos News about Lit Up Taos


My talented husband, Eric Mack, performing at Lit Up Taos

Lit Up Taos premiered this Saturday at Metta Theatre and it was a blast. Honestly, I felt a lot of pressure to be funny. It’s one thing to do a reading and hope people like your work, but it’s another thing to anticipate the chuckles while you read. So, I had a couple of glasses of wine in the green room beforehand. I was second to last to go on. Meanwhile, I listened in on all the other amazing Taos writers do their thing as people cackled hysterically in the packed theater and felt grateful they were warming things up for me. Not to mention, totally impressed by all the talent we’ve got in this tiny town. Thanks again to Carolyn Martone for organizing this. Here is the article that appeared before the show in the local entertainment guide, Tempo.

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