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Interview with The Tishman Review


People have started to read my book and with that, I have begun the process of having to answer questions about the book. One friend was so excited, that she started asking me questions before she even finished reading. I asked her to finish reading and then re-read the first chapter again. Well, she still had questions. A lot of them pertained to meaning. What did this or that mean? This interview at The Tishman Review might help to clear up some of her questions (or create more). It also covers information about writing craft and my writing process.

Interview in Writing


Rachel Sherman interviews me about my new novella and publishing with a small press at

An Interview in Gravel


Gravel chose to include me in their new author/artist interview series, which you can find at their blog. I feel super honored to be a part of this. Read the interview here.

I felt a little weird about giving advice to “new writers.” I still feel like a new writer myself even after all these years and publications. Actually, the whole idea of being interviewed made me feel warm and fuzzy and pretty awesome. I’m like the dork that was invited to the prom by the popular boy. When are they going to pour pig’s blood all over me? Someone’s going to stamp PSYCH at the bottom of my interview page and everyone’s going to point and laugh.

Yeah, I’m not insecure at all (insert sarcasm here).

Anyway, thanks Gravel for letting me be part of the cool kids.