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New Petroglyphs and Tempo News

Petroglyphs was featured in the Taos News’s entertainment guide The Tempo this month. Deonne Kahler interviewed me about starting an online writing journal. I was happy to brag to her about all the great writers who work with me on Petroglyphs and all the great writers who live in Taos. I wasn’t able to read the article since I am in Ecuador, but I was told that it turned out well. We did get a few extra page views, but as I said in the interview, the most difficult thing about starting an online journal or blog or anything, really, is getting people to view it. So, thanks to you, right now, for reading: here.

January Flash Fiction Contributions

This photo of a funny little clay sculpture and its corresponding comic title, Electric ManDragon, inspired some interesting writing on this month’s Petroglyphs site.

This month’s Postcard Fiction Collaborative demonstrated how such a mundane image can end up being so inspiring. It shows how even the smallest details can spur creativity. In this case, the reflection of light in utensils.

Petroglyphs Gang at Pecha Kucha Night Taos #5

Stay tuned because your very own Petroglyph contributors: Charles Clayton, Eric Mack, Gary Feuerman, Ned Dougherty, Robin Powlesland and, of course, me — will be presenting at Taos’s next Pecha Kucha Night on February 2nd at the KTAOS Solar Center (a new location). More info to follow…

December Writings

New Petroglyphs, a little dark, a little heavy.

Writers are not well-known for the holiday spirit and that is most apparent in this month’s Postcard Fiction Collaborative

November Petroglyphs

We welcomed the newest member of the group this month, Ned Dougherty. There was some stellar writing thanks to Gary Feuerman’s inspiring photo above. Check it out!

October Writings

Check out this month’s Postcard Fiction Collaborative prompted by strange photo above

October Petroglyphs are equally engaging. Though, I must admit, I cheated this month. For the first time ever (but maybe not the last time) I used the same piece for both websites. I thought they both worked well with the photo prompts. What do you think?

Flash Fiction for May

New Petroglyphs in. Very poetic month for the group.

Postcard Fiction Collaborative.

New Glyphs for April

After Vacationing in South America for the month of April, this month’s Petroglyphs exercise was a tough one to extricate from my brain hole. I wasn’t even able to contribute to PFC.  Fortunately, everyone else did a stand up job.


Newly inspired Petroglyphs.

Omnibot Petroglyph

New Petroglyphs, robot inspired works…