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New Flash Fiction from Postcard Fiction Collaborative

Shout by Alina Noir

Photo by Alina Noir, “Shout”

Great bit of flash this month:

Newest Flash from PFC

Pet Shop

Each month the Postcard Fiction Collaborative crew writes a flash piece based on a photo and each month the outcome always surprises me, even my own outcome comes as a surprise. It’s interesting to see how the type of image effects the type of writing. An abstract image often results in poetic prose whereas a more literal image such as this one from December, will more often result in mini-narratives. Check out what happened when we were given Pet Shop for inspiration here.

Flash for March

Red Bud



In honor of the onset of spring, last month’s Postcard Fiction Collaborative wrote works inspired by budding red flowers. Check out our work here.

February Flash Fiction

Memory Hole


I love this image, aptly titled, Memory Hole for last month’s Postcard Fiction Collaborative. You can read all the new flash here. Meanwhile, I have discovered an entirely new writing process to keep me from procrastinating on my monthly contributions. So far, it has been successful and I think my writing is better for it. Basically, I write immediately when the image is sent to me. I take one look at it and free write whatever comes to my head. Half way through the month, I look at what I wrote and make edits. Then, I submit. This way, I don’t wait until the last day of the month and try to bust something out through a writer’s block self-manifested by pressure and deadlines. Phew.


New Flash Fiction

My photo was chosen for this month’s Postcard Fiction Collaborative. It was taken at the most amazing green sand beach in South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii. A three mile walk in, we paid a guy with a dune buggy to drive us in in order to avoid the complaints from our six-year-old, but the dune buggy ended up being a lot of fun in itself. Those are my toes in the foreground. Beaches seem to inspire a range of responses from our writers. Check it out here.

New Postcard Fiction Collaborative

There’s nothing like a storm metaphor. When the skies start to darken and spark with electric bolts and thrash with earth-rattling thunder, writers are inspired to create analogies. In the case of this month’s Postcard Fiction Collaborative, just a photo of a storm, a suggestion, incurred a variety of interesting tensions. Check it out.

New From PFC Crew

I have been known to refer to cats as all-orifice-face rapes. That’s how it feels after two hours in a house with a cat in it, especially a house with carpeting or more than one cat. I am lucky. I have two hours. My mother stops breathing after 1/2 hour. It’s not like I have a problem with cats in general. When I was a kid I had nine of them, all outdoor cats. They all disappeared after 6 months except for one. He was a bad-ass. When the other feral cats beat him up, he fought back and returned home bruised, but alive. In retrospect, I wonder if the fact that I had named him Magenta had anything to do with it. Maybe he had to prove himself more. Anyway, I had a bit of trouble writing this month’s Postcard Fiction Collaborative because of the cat theme. However, after writing this post, I wish I had written about Magenta. He was such a bad-ass.

August PFC

When this photo arrived with the title Lunch for the August Postcard Fiction Collaborative, I immediately wrote back to Lyle, the editor, “Gross.” But what is it about snakes that make us wax philosophical? No matter how gross.

July Postcard Fiction Collaborative


I contributed this month’s photo for PFC. It was taken in Taos on the day that Mumford and Sons played in our tiny town park. The whole event was a huge deal in our little town and everyone came out for it, even if they didn’t have tickets to see the show. I wrote a tongue-in-cheek take on that experience, which we had coined “The Mumpacolypse.” So, now you know the inside joke. You’re an insider now. Shhh.

New from Postcard Fiction Collaborative

“Claw” reminds me of a childhood ghost story like we used to tell at slumber parties. The claw creeps into your bed at night. The claw chases you, a floating apparition, through the forest of your nightmares. The claw is coming to get you. Well, it’s not really as dramatic as all that. This month’s Postcard Fiction Collaborative is inspired by this strange rock-clinging remnant. Check it out here.