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Upcoming Reading for Prose Month

For the last five years, SOMOS, Taos’ literary society, has hosted a Poetry Month every April. This is the first year they are hosting a Prose Month. They chose November to coincide with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which I’m thrilled about it. This is my third year participating in NaNo. For Prose Month, I taught a workshop, Jump Start Your Novel. Next week, I will host a series of Write-Ins, where NaNo participants get together to write. I am most excited about my upcoming reading on the 18th with author, John Biscello, and musician, Ashleigh Grycner. No doubt it will be an interesting evening.

Writing in the Body Workshop Series

While this isn’t related to my podcast, Yoga for Writing, ┬áit deeply relates to my path of bringing yoga to writers. Joining forces with the talented Taos poet, Robin Shawver, we introduced a series of seasonal workshops called Writing in the Body: a yoga and writing workshop. Finding your voice through movement, we use yoga, guided meditation and writing prompts to help writers supersede their purely intellectual mind and speak through their bodies. In our inaugural class last month, students generated some amazing work that was both creative and therapeutic. Also, it was fun. I like how this method compliments my podcast in that it is more related to hatha yoga and the physical aspect of the practice than to jnana yoga, the intellectual part. The combination makes for a great balance. Your body is trying to speak to you, what does it have to say?