Cuenca, Ecuador

I’m in Ecuador, so if you try to call me, it may be a few days before I get your message. Email is the best way to contact me. I will be living in the city of Cuenca in the southern Sierras with my husband and 5-year-old daughter for the next three months, until the end of January. We rented a little apartment right in the center of the city, just to make it so completely different from our rural home back in New Mexico, as if the fact that we don’t speak the language wasn’t foreign enough. However, we are all studying Spanish diligently. My daughter is doing her studying mostly on the playground. I am just a beginner, but I have noticed that I can understand a little bit more each day. I expect my husband will close to fluent by the time we leave.

Usually while travelling in foreign countries, I like to read books by local authors. This is how I discovered one of my favorite authors, Cesear Aira, last year while traveling in Argentina. However, most Ecuadorian authors, even the most famous ones, have not been translated into English, so I am having a difficult time finding books of Ecuadorian literature to read. My Spanish teacher is a student of writing and was very excited when she learned I am a writer. We started translating Julio Cortazar in class. I suggested she consider becoming a translator; her country certainly needs more.

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