Freelancing for xoJane

Most women my age and older remember Sassy Magazine. It was revolutionary at the time because it spoke to tween and teen girls in a voice that they could relate too without being condescending. In fact, Sassy may have even been part of my inspiration for becoming a writer. I felt the power of sharing stories, just as I did reading Madeleine L’Engle or Judy Blume. I followed Jane Pratt, the editor of Sassy, on her career path from Sassy to Jane and currently, xoJane, online. When I heard that they were looking for freelancers, I pitched them some ideas. Seemed I had a lot of ideas. I wanted to write about my experiences, to share them with other people who may relate, just as Sassy did for me all those years ago. So, I’ve come full circle. This kind of writing is so different from my usual literary pursuits, but it is so much fun (and I get paid!)

Check out some of my recent stories here:

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