My Flash Fiction in a Bluegrass Album!


How cool is that!

When my awesome musician friend Daniel Landin up in Olympia invited me to submit to the Oly Mountain Boys concept album, White Horse, I was totally thrilled by the idea. I love bluegrass and, since I only know about 6 chords on my guitar, this was the closest I was ever going to come to being on a bluegrass album. It was a total pleasure working with these guys who are super kind and professional and great musicians. Yesterday, my copy of the album finally arrived in the mail after many months (nearly a year?) in the making. In a beautiful box (see above), it was personally signed by the whole band. I quickly skimmed through it to find my flash fiction piece about Alaska, The Darkest Month, and then spent the next hour reading the whole thing in detail. It reminded me of the days before digital when albums were tangible works of art.

The whole album is a story of one man, Charlie McCarver, a pioneer in the Pacific Northwest at the turn of the last century. The book inside the album includes all of the supplementary writing from 11 different authors, as well as, photos, artwork and song lyrics. In chronological order and sometimes epistolary in nature as many of the writings are letters and diary entries, it is a stand alone anthology. But you have to hear the music! That’s the best part, of course.

Check out their blog post here to learn more about tour dates and watch a video of the band perform.


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