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Rachel Sherman interviews me about my new novella and publishing with a small press at

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Photos from Love On The Rocks

Taos, NM

February 13, 2015

Me, reading

Me, reading


The whole gang


Bruce Katlin


Gary Feuerman


Ned Dougherty


hee, hee


Clinton Murphy


Eric Mack


John Biscello


Linda Michel-Cassidy

Photos by Laura Brzozowski


Article in Taos News About Lit Up


Show producer and performer, John Biscello

Show producer and performer, John Biscello

Looks like it’s going to be another sold out performance. Check out the lovely write up we got in the Tempo for our upcoming storytelling/literary/comedy event. Great anti-Valentine’s Day propaganda.

Lit Up Taos Returns with Love on the Rock

Lit Up peeps

Lit Up peeps

As you may recall from our previous episode last fall, Lit Up Writers is a live show blending storytelling, literature and comedy. The show did so well to raise funds for the Metta Theatre youth program that it returns with a pre-Valentine’s Day treat.

Love on the Rocks will feature comedic tales revolving around the dysfunctional side of Eros. Heartbreak, crushes, kinks, obsession, and other barbed elements, affirming the words of the immortal Bard: ‘Love is a smoke and is made with the fume of sighs.'”

I will be reading an essay about an ex-boyfriend who was both a blessing (he imported me to Alaska in 2000 and although our relationship only lasted 6 months, my relationship with Alaska lasted 6 years) as well as a curse, (I won’t give away that part of the story; you’ll have to go to the event to find out what happened).

Featuring:  Gary Feuerman, John Biscello, Johanna DeBiase (!), Eric Mack, Bruce Katlin, Linda Michel-Cassidy, Ned Dougherty, and Clinton Murphy. Emceed by Dan Cassidy, with a special musical performance by Joel Larson.

$15. Limited seating. Reservations HIGHLY encouraged, as the last show sold out. 575-758-1104. This show is intended for mature audiences.

Newest Flash from PFC

Pet Shop

Each month the Postcard Fiction Collaborative crew writes a flash piece based on a photo and each month the outcome always surprises me, even my own outcome comes as a surprise. It’s interesting to see how the type of image effects the type of writing. An abstract image often results in poetic prose whereas a more literal image such as this one from December, will more often result in mini-narratives. Check out what happened when we were given Pet Shop for inspiration here.

An Interview in Gravel


Gravel chose to include me in their new author/artist interview series, which you can find at their blog. I feel super honored to be a part of this. Read the interview here.

I felt a little weird about giving advice to “new writers.” I still feel like a new writer myself even after all these years and publications. Actually, the whole idea of being interviewed made me feel warm and fuzzy and pretty awesome. I’m like the dork that was invited to the prom by the popular boy. When are they going to pour pig’s blood all over me? Someone’s going to stamp PSYCH at the bottom of my interview page and everyone’s going to point and laugh.

Yeah, I’m not insecure at all (insert sarcasm here).

Anyway, thanks Gravel for letting me be part of the cool kids.

Article in Taos News about Lit Up Taos


My talented husband, Eric Mack, performing at Lit Up Taos

Lit Up Taos premiered this Saturday at Metta Theatre and it was a blast. Honestly, I felt a lot of pressure to be funny. It’s one thing to do a reading and hope people like your work, but it’s another thing to anticipate the chuckles while you read. So, I had a couple of glasses of wine in the green room beforehand. I was second to last to go on. Meanwhile, I listened in on all the other amazing Taos writers do their thing as people cackled hysterically in the packed theater and felt grateful they were warming things up for me. Not to mention, totally impressed by all the talent we’ve got in this tiny town. Thanks again to Carolyn Martone for organizing this. Here is the article that appeared before the show in the local entertainment guide, Tempo.

Lit Up Comes to Taos


Los Angeles based writer and Wurlitzer Foundation Fellow, Carolyn Martone brings Lit Up Writers: a live storytelling show blending comedy and literature, to Taos to benefit SOMOS and Metta Young Artists this Saturday. Featuring the talent of: Linda Michel-Cassidy, John Biscello, Ned Dougherty, Joanne Nelson, Gary Feureman, Clint Murphy, Johanna DeBiase (that’s me!), Eric Mack and hosted by author, David Perez.  I’m so excited that Carolyn asked me to be a part of this!

I will be reading the personal essay, This American Hair Life, about my experiments with body hair while living in Alaska. A subdued version of this piece originally appeared on xoJane where it incited hundreds of angry comments about white people appropriating black culture. My response to this was to chant Sanskrit mantras for peace in my silk kimono while bellydancing to Latin beats.

Saturday, November 15th @ 7pm. Metta Theater, 1470 Paseo del Pueblo Norte. $15. Seating is limited, reservations suggested. 758-1104.

My Flash Fiction in Monkeybicycle



If you love to read good flash fiction, you’ve probably read Monkeybicycle. They’ve been around for a while and their works are always intriguing and well-written (if I do say so myself) so I was psyched to learn that they were interested in one of my flash fiction pieces. I’ll give you the special inside scoop on this one: it’s based on a true story. To read “Good Deed” click here.