Sneak Peek…

The first Hilltop Poetry Salon was a success and all the participants had so much fun, we decided to do it again, this time in Taos and, hopefully, for a bigger audience. To prepare, we are having a Hilltop Poetry Salon: The Living Room Tapes at my house next week and invited all sorts of artists, audio producers, videographers, writers and musicians to come and collaborate and see what happens. (This is one of the many reasons I love Taos: that all these people can co-exist and collaborate in such a small town. Population: 7,000)

Our next multi-media event will be called, 21st Century Vox and hopefully, some of the footage from the Salon will get interwoven into it. I have been working on a film (sorta thingy) to go with another flash fiction piece. Since I did not have a model, I had to do self-portraits, unfortunately. (As a writer, I prefer to be heard not seen.)

Anyway, here is a preview from the new project I am working on…

Pull a string, and she unraveled.


As long as she wore the hat, she was fine.

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