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The Inaugural Taos Writers Conference

I am teaching an all-day intensive workshop at the inaugural, upcoming Taos Writers Conference. It’s called New Fiction for the Digital Age. With the onset of the internet and social media, narratives have taken on several new forms that break apart previous ideas of what a story should be. I will read examples and demonstrate through generative writing exercises ways in which we can experiment with traditional writing forms for the internet or print.

You can register here by March 1st: www.taoswritersconference.org

2014 San Miguel Writer’s Conference

La Paroquia

La Paroquia

I was honored to have won a scholarship to the 2014 San Miguel Writer’s Conference and I’ve been wanting to write about my experiences since my return two weeks ago but I couldn’t come up with what to write about. I had an incredible time on so many levels that there is basically too much to say. When I have trouble narrowing down my thoughts, I find it helps to make a list. Now that I’ve made the list, I have no idea what the list is about. It’s not a list of Reasons to Go to SMWC or a list of Things I Love About SMWC. It’s not even a list of What I Learned at SMWC. It’s most closely related to Random Things About My Experience at SMWC. So, let’s go with that.

1. San Miguel de Allende is a beautiful colonial city, just as I suspected it would be. It is surrounded by mountains and the downtown area, La Jardin where the La Paroquia stands, is on top of a hill. As I walked the streets, I could always keep my eye on the towers of the church to orient myself. There is so much culture there, too. A rich history of beatniks, an old factory turned into galleries, handmade market goods, and music and art everywhere.


2. There are a lot of ex-pats living in San Miguel, mostly American, some Canadian, almost all retirees. This was reflected in the attendance at the conference. Many of the people lived in San Miguel full or part time or hoped to one day or had been coming to the conference every year for eight years. Many people were retired and self-publishing memoirs about their lives. Continue Reading →