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Yoga for Writing Podcast

In case you haven’t noticed yet, my new podcast, Yoga for Writing: a podcast for miserable writers, is going strong.  I just completed episode 12 (one part of a 3-part series about Writing and Letting Go) and have no intention of stopping. I’ve really been enjoying applying yoga principles to my writing life and exploring even deeper how yoga can help writers to be less miserable. I’ve been practicing yoga for a couple of decades and teaching for nearly three years now and the lessons of yoga have seamlessly integrated into all aspects of my life without requiring me to think about it much. Just the act of practicing yoga has improved my life. In this podcast, I hope to help others in the same way, even those who may not find themselves on the mat. I secretly hope to encourage people to practice yoga on the mat (not much of a secret anymore, I guess) but I’m glad just getting people to see yoga as more than just a bunch of twisty poses. Already, I’ve heard from people who have told me that the podcasts have helped them. That’s the best. Moving forward, I hope to hear from more people. I know there are plenty of people struggling with their writing out there or wanting to write more but feeling held back for some reason. Don’t give up. Keep up the good work.

Book Tour Update

At Green Apple Books in San Francisco

At Green Apple Books in San Francisco

The book tour has been an amazing success with more benefits than I might have imagined. Besides spending time with family, I also got to reconnect with old friends. I wrote an article about the first half of my tour here at Foreword Reviews. One of the most unexpected benefits so far have been meeting readers and hearing what their experience with the book has been. Most of the time I’m stinky and dirty from living in my camper. I haven’t had time to do much of anything else. I’m not getting any richer and I’m fairly exhausted. But I’m having a blast! Seriously. I have two more readings scheduled in Portland and then I will be returning home. Keep an eye out for more updates.

With a co-worker from the bookstore in Seattle where we used to work and I read my book.

With an old co-worker from the bookstore in Seattle where we used to work and I read my book.


Mom and sister also attended my reading in Bellingham.

Mom and sister attended my reading in Bellingham.

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