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Literary Paris: Bookshops, Cafes and Cemeteries


Before I traveled to Paris, I wondered what it was about the city of lights that so intrigued authors and stimulated so much writing for hundreds of years.  But after visiting, the mystery eluded me no longer. Paris is romantic. And I don’t mean it’s a great place to inspire love affairs and spark old flames, though it is. I mean romantic in the most prevailing way—mystical, exciting, exotic, fantastical. One can lose themselves in the narrow cobble-stoned side streets, the medieval architecture, the multitude of cafes and museums, the sparkling Eiffel Tower and the lights reflected on the flowing Seine. In Paris, there is endless inspiration.

This summer, for our 10th anniversary, my husband and I decided to take our first trip alone in eight years to Paris, the dreamiest place we could think of. Since we are both writers, I wanted to try to experience Paris the way ex-pat writers did back in the day. Of course, there were also a million other things we wanted to do. I realized that the best plan was to spend the morning writing in cafes and give our afternoons over to tourism. Continue Reading →

An Interview in Gravel


Gravel chose to include me in their new author/artist interview series, which you can find at their blog. I feel super honored to be a part of this. Read the interview here.

I felt a little weird about giving advice to “new writers.” I still feel like a new writer myself even after all these years and publications. Actually, the whole idea of being interviewed made me feel warm and fuzzy and pretty awesome. I’m like the dork that was invited to the prom by the popular boy. When are they going to pour pig’s blood all over me? Someone’s going to stamp PSYCH at the bottom of my interview page and everyone’s going to point and laugh.

Yeah, I’m not insecure at all (insert sarcasm here).

Anyway, thanks Gravel for letting me be part of the cool kids.

Winter 2013 Portland Review

I am thrilled to be a part of the Winter 2013 issue of Portland Review. I always admired Portland Review’s willingness to be experimental and tinker with the surreal. Welcoming me into their literary fold feels like a warm hug after a cold winter trek. It’s a great issue and you can get yourself a copy here. Read my story, Isabel & Stanley.

“Portland Review: Winter 2013 pairs realism with magical realism, suburban with urban life, and characters whose lives are full with those who are running on empty. This anthology follows Portland Review’s 57 year tradition of publishing exceptional prose, poetry, and art while establishing a commitment to sharing local authors’ voices with the world. In this spirit, Winter 2013 features Portland favorites Kevin Sampsell and Lidia Yuknavitch, as well as up-and-coming local and well-known authors from across the United States and Canada.”