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I know, this is so 2009, but I have just recently become obsessed with Google Reader. Maybe because I live out in the boonies, but I always seem to discover these things late in the game. (Please, do not let this reflect negatively in any way on my husband, Eric Mack, who is a technology journalist/blogger. He really does try to clue me in.) I thought it would be fun to share the list of sites I am currently subscribing to.

In Writing:

She Writes

Galley Cat (Media Bistro)

Mira’s List

Prize Reporter’s Blog (Poets and Writers)

Special Agent’s Blog (Poets and Writers)

The Rejecter

Teachers and Writers Collaborative (TWC)

Write to Done

In Books:

NPR Books


Devourer of Books

Maud Newton

The Book Bench (The New Yorker)


SO, if you know of any other good ones… please, let me know.


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