Welcome to the School of Intuitive (Eco)Writing

Nature is the pathway to connecting more deeply with our wild spirits, the feral part of ourselves that longs to climb trees, howl at the moon and spend every moment in reverent ritual to life. Nature provides not only peace and solace to our spirits but also moments of truth, when we look at a scenic view and realize we are connected to the whole of existence. Writing created through experiences in nature, can open us up to the awe-inspiring beauty of the more-than-human natural world that our modern life has disconnected us form. I offer a variety of writing classes, online, virtual and in-person that use my unique technique of intuitive writing. Guided meditations are the cornerstone of my teaching and help us channel our muse and experience creativity free from the ego's critiques. I encourage all of my students to share their writing with their community in whatever way they see fit, whether that be an open mic, social media or pillow talk. By spreading the word about the power of the natural world through our unfiltered creative voice, we can inspire others to seek out nature too and hopefully cause a ripple effect toward healing our relationship with the earth. #intuitiveecowriting

Online Classes

Asynchrous self-study courses you can take on your own time at your own pace

Virtual Classes

Join a community of students from all over in a virtual classroom community via Zoom meetings

In Person Events

Opportunities to meet in person in Taos, one-on-one or in groups for classes or other outdoor activities.