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Writing the Imaginal

Writing is an intellectual art form and over-intellectualization can often lead to such struggles as writer’s block or writing that feels unnatural and overwrought. In this class we will leave our egos at the door and call on the subconscious, the emotional body and energetic space to generate fresh writing and revelations. Students will be guided in relaxed theta states using creative visualization. From this place, we will draw on divination, dreams, imagery and archetypes to explore deeper realms of creativity. We will also discuss ways in which rituals can be used to enhance our writing practice and explore physical embodiment methods that will add more depth to our language. Students will depart class with new writing, inspiration and techniques. This workshop is for writers of all genres and at all levels.

Curriculum Overview

Unit I: Introduction and Grounding Meditation

Unit II: Writing Rituals

Rituals around writing signal your subconscious that the writing ritual has begun. In this video we look at examples of writing rituals and how to use them. 

Unit III: Writing Blocks and EFT

This lesson will suggest ways to get creative juices flowing at the start of practice if you are feeling stuck. 

Unit IV: Divination

In this lesson we consider how we can use divination to channel the muse. 

Unit V: Dreamwork

Dreams are an entryway into the deeper states of your subconscious and therefore the land where your muse loves to dwell. 

Unit VI: Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a hypnagogic state of consciousness practiced in savasana (corpse pose) and occurs between waking and dreaming, while remaining embodied and aware.

Unit VII: Bonus Materials

Includes documents on creating a writing altar and intentions for your writing, as well as the course PowerPoint and a Spotify playlist

Writing the Imaginal: Course Overview

You receive unlimited access to 7 Lessons, 1.5 hours of video content + bonus materials

Interview for Taos Writers Conference 2021

Interview for Taos Writers Conference 2021

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This class was originally recorded on Zoom for the Taos Writers Conference in 2021. I have edited out any portion with students in it, so you may notice weird cuts or out of context references to people you don't know. This should not affect your enjoyment of the class in any way. This course is meant to be playful, so bring your childlike wonder.



Unlimited Access

You get immediate full access to this 2-hour course for as long as it exists.

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