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5-Week Virtual Nature Writing Workshop

Ancient cultures all over the world have used some version of the four elements to simplify the complexity of our organic existence. Taoism, Ayurveda, tarot, witchcraft, Chinese medicine, astrology and many more, continue to revere the elements as a way to honor the natural world and our human relationship to it. Discover your own personal connection to the elements as a channel for inspired writing. Each week students will immerse themselves in one of the elements through music, literature, art and meditation and write from this place of deep knowing. Live classes will offer opportunities for students to share their work. Being in the outdoors and experiencing the elements first-hand will be an integral part of your self-study. Who knows? You may even meet a nature spirit or two!

15 student maximum

What to Expect

Each week, class meets early Saturday morning (so you can go outside after and enjoy the day!) for introductions to one of the four elements. We will discuss physical and imaginal qualities of each element, both personal and collective.

Other than the first class which will include orientation and introductions, we will spend half of the class on conscientious reflections of fellow classmates writings. 2-3 students a week will volunteer to share their writing.

Conscientious reflections entails deep listening and respectful insights based on where each person is at in their own life and never from a place of authority. Feedback will only be given when asked for and all writing will be nurtured and cultivated in hopes that we might eventually share it outside the classroom.

During the week you will immerse yourself in the elements. I will provide weekly music playlists, readings and art galleries to inspire you. Each week will also include a downloadable meditation that you can use in the field. I will also give you writing prompts to spark inspiration and create entryways for writing about the element of the week.

There will also be a virtual group meet-up room where students can connect during the week to discuss and share their own inspirations and insights.

Course Schedule

All times are in the Mountain Time Zone

Live Class, Saturday June 4, 8am-10am:  Opening the Circle and EARTH introductions

June 4- June 11: EARTH WEEK

Live Class, Saturday June 11, 8am-10am: Conscientious Reflections and AIR introductions

June 11-June 18: AIR WEEK

Live Class, Saturday June 18, 8am-10am: Conscientious Reflections and FIRE introductions

June 18-June 25: FIRE WEEK and Summer Solstice

Live Class, Saturday June 25, 8am-10am: Conscientious Reflections and WATER introductions

June 25-July 2: WATER WEEK

Live Class, Saturday July 2, 8am-10am: Conscientious Reflections and

Closing the Circle 


All this for only...



  • 10 hours of live classes

  • 4 downloadable guided meditations 

  • 4 Spotify playlists

  • 4 Pinterest art galleries

  • Weekly reading materials

  • Writing prompts

  • Virtual group chat room

  • Deeper connection to the natural world

  • Improved writing skills

  • New friends

  • and more

More About Your Instructor

Johanna DeBiase

Johanna has been a professional writer for over two decades. She has two published books and has taught writing classes at conferences, universities, high schools, camps and more, from Alaska to New Mexico. She received her BA in Creative Writing in 1997 from Bard College and her MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College in 2005. More recently jaded by academia and the publishing industry, Johanna became interested in teaching a form of writing that utilizes our natural ability to channel creativity, such as her class Writing the Imaginal. She wants everyone to find their unique voice beyond their ego's critical mind or their intellect's need to sound a certain way that fits a certain mold. She uses her knowledge as a yoga instructor to create breathing exercises and guided meditations that inspire the muse. From her off-grid strawbale home in the desert, Johanna is passionate about nature and helping people to connect more deeply to the natural world. She believes Intuitive (Eco)Writing is part of a larger paradigm shift away from perceiving nature as a resource for human consumption and towards creating a reciprocal relationship with the more-than-human natural world. 

It's Elemental, My Dear
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"Do you need wonder and magic in your writing or life? Some nature writing that includes more than science, structure, and syntax? If so, Johanna DeBiase's classes will be just the right fit. Hurl yourself into one of her classes right now! I did and it was a supernormal writing experience!"

Rhinda K, Taos, NM

"Johanna's class on the Elements reminded me how playful and magical sitting down to write can be. She employs all the senses to activate imagination with the purpose of awakening deeper awareness of the beauty of our environment and the urgency of sharing this message."

Amanda M, Santa Fe, NM

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